What to do ?

She becomes absent for fraction of seconds and becomes ok, does not remember what had happened with her. She was diagnosed a dissociative or attention seeking by few doctors. She was brought to me. She was 14 yrs old girl & is suffering from this problem for last 6-8 yrs. Bilateral slow & Sharp waves were found through out EEG tracing. She gets 20 to 30 attacks every day. While she was abt 3 yrs old, she was given phenytoin for one year. Its very easy to treat. Isn't it ? But MRI Brain is showing multiple edematous granulomas suggestive of NCC. Almost the whole brain looks like a Sieve. So what to do now ?



In Neurocysticercosis too, the treatment of choice is prevention of seizures only. Also it looks like ABSENCE SEIZURES too. So, we have to use Anti Epileptic Drugs. Sodium Valproate is the drug of choice here. But monitoring is required for elevation of Liver Transaminases &/or appearance of PCOD. In such case, U will have to change it to other antiepileptic like Phenytoin.

Thank you doctor

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Regarding video has looking to like as myclonus seizure... Second more details evaluation other history.... Psychological assessment ... Start with Tab.Oxcarbamezipe low dose and also can sodium valproate... Family history Birth history Past history Under observation interviews... neurology reference ...

Thank you doctor

History suggestive of absence seizure.. Abnormal ct/mri support the diagnosis Must be treated with adequate AEDs..

What is NCC?


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