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Shoulder Weakness?

38 yr old female c/o inability to lift her left arm from shoulder and flex the elbow. Since a month. H/o pain in neck & left shoulder after getting up in morning a month back. On examinations, fisting grip is good, wrist extension is poor than wrist flexion, supination is poor than pronation, poor elbow flexion, muscle atrophy over shoulder (as per shown in the video) What could be the possible reason? Management for the same please. Please check the MRI reports in the updated case attached to this one.




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Need clinical examination in upright position Musculo tendinus causes like rotator cuff tear to be ruled out Check drop sign. If it is Negative proceed with evaluation of neuromuscular causes Narrow down the diagnosis and proceed with higher investigations like MRI shoulder/cervical spine/NCS etc

Mri already attached to this case. Please check

It is neurological problem. There may be cervical nerve injury/ compression, disc prolapse or stenosis causing injury... Neck MRI required to confirm the cause.

Do MRI cervical spine it is may be stenosis of cervical spine

Attached the mri reports with the case already

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