Siblings with same presentation. Since they were around 12 years, now they are 24 and 26 yrs respectively. Itching present, Photos showing classical lesions and sites. 1. Identify the condition with description of lesion. 2. Differential diagnosis 3. Treatment



1)Dariers disease. Dirty warty greasy papules deposited in seborrheic areas. 2) DD Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Lichen planus Lichen Nitidus 3 ) Halobetasone cream with oral Antihistamines.Treat Antidandruff Ketacanozole with ZPTO shampoo .

Thank you Dr.Avitus sir posting very good topic and rare disease. 1) DESCRIPTION-greasy scaly brown coloured papulosqamous lesions on SEBHORRHOEIC areas more favour to DARIER DISEASE ( KERATOSIS follicularis) 2) DD- Seborrheic dermatitis KERATOSISverruciformis Pemphigus Grover disease 3) TREATMENT a) SUNSCREEN lotion on face. b) Moisturiser reducing dryness and thickness. c) Topical TACROLIMUS cream gives good respond. d)Oralretinoids.. ACITRETIN or ISOTRETINOIN for 12 weeks have beneficial.

Thank you sir, one of the best DDs also sir, helped me to widen my thinking sir.

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Great discussion from all Info on darier's Keratosis follicularis, also known as Darier disease (DD) or Darier-White disease, is an autosomal dominantly inherited genodermatosis, Mutations in the gene ATP2A2, chromosome 12 characterized by greasy hyperkeratotic papules in seborrheic regions, nail abnormalities, and mucous membrane changes. Palate can be involved. The first skin lesions typically occur in the teenage years and are frequently associated with pruritus. The lesions may first appear as skin-colored or yellow-brown papules with a greasy, warty texture. These lesions are especially common in seborrheic areas such as the forehead, scalp, margin of the scalp, nasolabial folds, ears, chest, and back. Heat, sweat, humidity, sunlight, UVB exposure,lithium, oral corticosteroids, and mechanical trauma have been reported to exacerbate. Treatment Urea lactic acid based cream in morning Tretinoin or tazarotene ointment in night. Topical steroids can be tried. Oral Acetretin is the best choice followed by isotretinoin. Difficult ones can be removed with Co2 laser or electrocautery.

Thank you for posting such a rare case Dr

I totally agree with Dr.Renuka. Thank u so much Dr.Avitus John sir for posting such rare disease

@Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad ..Sir, first of all..Thank you very much for the case and pic..In our experience treatment is difficult..we give vitamin A and systemic retinoids.. How are you managing this case sir?

Acetretin I have started with topicals. They usually respond faster even by 4 to 6 weeks.

Darier's disease ch: by dirty warty greasy papules distributed along the seborrheic areas..

Darriers disease . Systemic retinoids is the treatment of choice

?deposition disorder sir,like tyrosinemia,amyloidosis

Yes madam, DDs, but this is a keratinising disorder.

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Dariers disease

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