Side effect of one of the antiarrythmic drugs. 1. What's the drug 2. Class 3. Other side effects


Amiodarone Class 3 drug Other adverse effects include dizziness, vision problems, seeing halos around lights; loss of coordination, feeling weak or tired; nausea, vomiting, constipation; numbness or tingling; tremors; abnormal liver function tests.

Drug is amiodarone CLS 3 Other side effects- liver enzyme fluctuations Emesis Gynecomastia Pulmonary fibrosis Abnormal thyroid functions Nausea Interstitial lung disease Corneal micro deposits --- pneumonic is leg panic There are other side effects too, these are some of them

Amiadarone It is a clss 3 drug. ILs lung fribosis Hypo and hyperthyrodism Altered LFT Corneal affection optic neurities Long time use may cause Ca




Class3; Amlodepin

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