SIDE EFFECTS OF ASPIRIN. ASPIRIN. A : Asthma. S : Salicyalism. P : Peptic ulcer disease. Phosphorylation-oxidation uncoupling. PPH. Platelet disaggregation. Premature closure of PDA. I : Intestinal blood loss. R : Reye's syndrome I : Idiosyncracy. N : Noise //tinnitus.



What an amazing mnemonics again @Dr. Suvarchala Pratap . Thanks a lot for sharing this excellent mnemonics which is helpful for many Curofians.

Very useful for qualified doctors and warning for Quacks who are using aspirin in migraine .

What specific mnemonics related to ASPIRIN THANKS FOR SHARING..

Thanks for sharing mam

Thanks for sharing information.

Thanx for sharing

Thanks for sharing Mam.

Thanks for sharing .

Useful info mam!!!


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