since birth .slowly increase in size no any other complain.on palpation boggy feeling pitting develope when pressed fir sm time.dx investigation tt

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post auricular dermoid cyst..will need excision but do palpate for any bony defect if present do CT scan to rule out any intracranial extension of swelling...then attempt FNAC

Congenital Post auricular epidermoid cyst. DD would be Sebaceous cyst Treatment is 1 Fine needle Aspiration 2 Excision and sent the tumor for biopsy

sebaceous cyst treatment-- excision biopsy

post auricular dermoid...CT scan before operation to exclude intracranial extension...then surgical excision is treatment of choice...

Dx:- Post-Auricular Dermoid Cyst. Rx:- Excision of Cyst under Local Anesthesia.

dermoid cyst.. Rx .. surgical excision biopsy..

Epidermal inclusion cyst ; do fnac & excise

Dermoid cyst

dermoid cyst

Postauricular dermoid cyst.Sometimes through bony defect, intracranial extension is found.No FNAC. Excision of the cyst is curative.

Dermoid cyst in post auricular area. intracranial extention should be considered. Advised excision of cyst surgery.

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