Sir can taxim o dt100 tab be given to 6 year child in extraoral swelling infection dental

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its not the drug of choice . cefixime is not the answer to every disease which presents to us . in skin n soft tissue infections . amoxiclav should b the drug of choice . make a list of antibiotics u r using commonly . n go through them in detail . then u will understand which bullet to fire in which disease .

Yes. But the choice would be Cephalexin / amoxiclav-cloxacillin/ Erythromycin/amoxiclav

i do agree with u sir . most of the organism are resistant to cefixime . due to abuse .

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Yes It can be given Cefixime have good safety profile and high therapeutic window For example for Typhoid , recommended dose of Cefixime of 20 mg/kg/day Average weight of 6 yrs old child is 20 kg So dose of Cefixime for treatment of Typhoid in 6 yrs old child will be 400 mg/day or 200 mg two times a day Therefore 100 mg Cefixime two times a day can be safely given to 6 year old child

Yes it can be used but better will be Tab Clavum 375 bd , Tab Metrogyl 200 bd

No cefixime is a poor choice for oral infections. Give gram positive coverage like Amoxicillin+clavulanic acid and anaerobic coverage like metronidazole

There was a webnair discussion,& pediatrician dictum was that” ...Above the diaphrgm —>Amoxicillin ...below the diaphrgam—->Cefexim”

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