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Sir, I have decided to discontinue schizophrenia medicines. If I will keep on adjusting the dose I will never be able to come out of schizophrenia. It's been 2.6 years taking the medicines and I am OK now. The only problem is when I stop taking Sulfit 100. I do not get sleep at night. Kindly suggest me some medicine which can cover up my sleep issue when I discontinue sulfit 100. That's the only way I can stop sulfit 100. I was not able to discuss this when I have come for a face to face meeting. Kindly get me out of schizophrenia medicines. This message was on my whatsapp from my patient. Now what to write him ?



Sir!! U advice him in a friendly manner that "U will have to take this medicine throughout your life, otherwise ur symptoms would be uncontrollable again". Then also, if he does not understand, suggest him to visit any other Psychiatrist. If he would see that other Psychiatrist is also advising the same thing, he will adher to his medications then.

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Sir chronic schizophrenic over the duration start reading about their medication with impeccable details about the half-life , mechanism of action and all possible side effect. Then they use this knowledge as a barricade to their treatment and aherence. They try to make their own psychopharmacological regime. When a psychiatrist doesn't agree to it they develop transference and further avoid treatment.

Thank you doctor

Suffit (Amisulpride)

Self medication is dangerous. Iadvise him to see d another psychiatrist n adher to medication advised n directions

Thank you doctor

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