Sir Plz advice A male aged 24 on treatment for Generalized anxiety disorder with depression fo



Kindly state the duration of symptoms The level of anxiety with presence of Free-floating anxiety and Panic attacks. Also the level of preoccupation with depressive thoughts and presence of active stressors. For the time being you can start the Patient with tab.Paroxetine 12.5+Clonazepam 0.25mg combination

History in this case is Incomplete. Proper history taking & MSE of the patient is important for Appropriate Diagnosis & Treatment.

Thank you doctor

SSRI with CBT take treatments under consultant psychiatrist and regular follow up...

Thank you doctor

Cognitive behavioral therapy would be helpful

Talk therapy and CBT is treatment of choice if the anxiety and depression are mild(controllable) but if there is severe depression SSRI and TCA can be given only after psychiatrist counseling

Anxiolytics n antidepressants r needed.

To indentify causethen planned the therapy CBT,Insight Therapy

T.cipralex 10mg hs, T.Betacap tr 40mh hs for 6months...timely withdrawal after 6months..if the has to be taken throughout life

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