Sir plz explain the edema tretment rx a patient suffering from edima scence 3 days there is


First of all we have to r/o the cause by h/o by investigation that may local, generalist, be renal, cardiac, pulmonary, anaemia, Thyroid disfunction,there are so many other conditions like circulation hamper, lymphatic obstruction, so that will much better to r/o the cause. And then treatment.mild edema goes by own by raising the edematous part above the heart level.and severe case diuretics are used .

Thank you doctor

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Age Sex Present history...edema where? Uni/bilateral....upper/lower limb....any associated pain/redness? Past history..hypothyroidism, kidney disorder BP Pulse Exam findings...pitting/nonpitting edema Xray...any pleural effusion? LFT....albumin? USG...Liver? Hb? If any limb edema...share naked eye exam findings?

Edema occurs due to inflammation with fluid retention. Drug of choice is Diuretics

Thanks Dr Sachin

Thanks Dr Alok

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