Sir what is cause ,clinical feature,treatment of cervical abrasion erosion attrition of toothsensiti




You must read book of restorative dentistry for these academic topics ,its not possible to describe academic details here

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Abrasion, Erosion and Attrition. Let’s see how far I can go with this topic. 1. Cervical Abrasion is when the Enamel at cervical third of tooth is involved but at the middle third and occlusal third the enamel is sound. Etiology - Improper brushing, Gastritis 2. Erosion - Erosion is the wearing off of enamel of the tooth to the extent that Dentin is exposed. It is not limited to cervical third of tooth as the case in cervical abrasion. Etiology - Acid attack, gastrointestinal problems, consumption of high levels of phosphoric and citric acids( soft drinks ), GERD, antihistamines, xerostomia 3. Attrition - wearing off/ loss of enamel on the occlusal surface as a result of tooth to tooth contact as in bruxism.

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Attrition is due to many factors stress,psychological prblms ,dental malocculusions ,vigorous brushing C/f attrited occulusal or incisal areas Rx. Find out the cause and treat accordingly mainly occulusal splints atr given Erosion is mainly due to acid in the beverages and due to increased acidity in stomach C/f seen as eroded areas Rx. Veneer

Is your querry is about dentistry or other cervical erosions

Sir all types cervical erosions

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Mithya aahar vihar sewana and vata vitiation.