Gridrasi acute pain management

sira vyadha in a case of gridrasi post which results are excellent



I have no experience on it Dr. Rangarajan B Sir. Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir, Agree with your view. 4 angula ( approx. 9 cm ) from Gulpha sandhi is the best place for Raktamokshana as per texts. Gulpha Sandhi - Ankle Joint.

I dont remember the reference.... can you please quote it for @Dr. Rangarajan B sir

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Sir, For Ghridrasi, I remember there is explanation about Raktamokshana 4 angula below Gulfa Sandhi.... @Dr. Niranjan Ram @Dr. Sunil Kumar @Dr. Aniruddha Lele @Dr. Aditya @Dr. Rangarajan B sir

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari , can you please quote the reference I think it's 4 angula above But I'm current practice due to pt bulky appearance or lack of getting the vein at times So , I prefer that site Pls share all possible views in your practice Dr Let's make an attempt to make it universal

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Sira vyadhana protecting Indrabasthi marma is mentioned in the context of Gridhrasi. सिराबस्ति अग्नि कर्म च ग्रधृसीषु प्रयुञ्जीत । We have conducted it found results. Very much indicated in Vatarakta also. In both these it will reduce shoola and daha very fast.

Very well done doctor Actually want to add something if we see to the results they are qut satisfying but are temporary. Secondly gridhrasi and siravedh sounds very hard to relate. Acc to acharya Charak he used the therapy of raktamokshan in relation where when the disease does nt responds to ushna shita etc modes of treatment. So may be in that context using the vital blood letting therapy is useful. Ref is charak vidhishoniti adhyaya

Valuable opinion

Very nice Dr. Rangarajan sir. Any purvakarma like snehan done? How much quantity of blood letting done? Most of times when we do it blood gets clot at the tip of needle so how to overcome this problem?

In this pt of gridrasi 55 ml was let out To avoid clotting u can use 22 guaze needle than s.v set But s.V set is a safe practice

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Good job Dr. Keep it up. It's very essential to keep on working on different Ayurvedic parameters. To prove ourselves best.

According to ayurveda Chedan vidhi For Vayo pirkopa Excellent rusult in girhasthi

Sir siravedha and gridrasi how can it be correlated@Dr. Rangarajan B sir Sciatica?..

Yes In case of kaphapittaja type and where all panchakarma modalities have failed we can adopt. Also for immediate pain relief. @Roshni Ramesh

Dear Dr's , Kindly share your clinical experience of Siravyadha in view of procedure and method you all adopt , and any changes in results if so

Very nice, I have never seen such procedure. Thank you for sharing. Pls share the details.

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