sixty five years old female with squamous cell carcinoma of lower eyelid with involvement of eyeball with diabetes mellitus type 2 & hypertension for the last 5 years .please share your views regarding it's management .



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Lower eyelid tumour, almost 4/5ths of the lower eyelid will have to be sacrificed here along with orbital exentration. Options for reconstruction might be a mustarde's cheek rotation flap for the eyelid, with orbit resurfacing with split thickness skin grafts. Followed by ocular prosthesis later. From the picture it looks like the lateral edge of the upper eyelid is also involved, which can be excised like a "V" and approximated primarily. Not sure if this plan works but just sharing my thoughts here. Nice case, thanks for sharing Dr.Mukta Verma, please update regarding this case as to how you handled it.

Thank you so much sir for ur encouraging words .it feels really good when appreciation comes from a senior plastic surgeon like u .

Start with insulin to achieve strict glycaemic control. Complete excision of the malignancy along with exenteration of orbit . Followed by radiotherapy 3- 5 times a week for 6 weeks

Please do complete metastatic workup..rule out dka and with orbital exenteration is treatmnt of choice

Reports of CT Probably it needs exentration and baed on reporr radiotherapy chemotherapy ss graft should be used for reufacing orbit

Thank you all for ur valuable suggestions. Orbital exentration with SSG cover for orbital cavity and paramedian forehead flap for upper and lower eyelid Reconstruction was done .it gave a very nice post op recovery .

Complete excision of the mass with orbital exenteration is the treatment of choice.

Wide excision and evisceration of eye ball if invlved.

Blood sugar is with in normal limits.eviseration has also been done . what should be plan for Reconstruction .??

Please photographs for us to appreciate

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