Skin Allergy on feet since 6 months. Nothing on rest of the body. What do you suggest?



Chronic eczema dd lichen planus dd stasis eczema dd contact dermatitis chronicus oint halox bd2 week oint crotorax bd wysolone 10 mg tds reduce 5 mg weekly

Age of the pt.?Is he diabetic?Has he taken tr. in imprepted?It looks to b a ch.a topic dermatitis with eczema.Treatment is suggeste

Please ask the history of application of any steroid and duration. Usually even fungal infection can modify due to steroid application . If it is unilateral rule out dermatophyte !


Contact dermatitis

Eczematous dermatitis

if contact dermatitis it should on both feet ?? dosnt it ?? i think eczema

i think this in not a common site for psoriasis.,no other body part invove,no scaly/silvery scales seen it go againts psoriasis

Eczematous dermatitis? Oint.Hallunova- s to apply locally 8hrly×15days then 12hry ×10days then od×5days then sos, Candid cream to apply locally 12 hrly ×15 days,Vit.C & Bcomplex, Tab.levocetrizine 5mg as per age of pt×15days, Keep lesioned area clean & dry.

eczema with secondary lichenification....rule out occupational related issues, varicose veins, dermatitis related to shoes.....nw can be treated with topical steroids with salicylic acid, antihistamine, if infected antibiotic can be given....

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