##Skin opd #derma

Eruption in lower limb last 3 month resolve and reoccure. Heals with black scar and scar swell on contact with water .5 day on oral steroids prednisolon 25mg and memotasone it heals but reoccure after stopping this .what is diagnosis of it and further management ?



? CHEILITIS .. ? HS V ..

HSV is not likely because patient is already taken Acylovir 400 mg TDS till 1 month and doesnt appear anywhere else in body so I think it should be excluded

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Traumatic Cheilitis

Looks like Cheilitis

Doctor with the history you have presented and the Images -Eczematous chelitis Treatment of choice -Please find out the trigger Can be Anxiety, Allergy, Climate, Sunburn, Cigerette,Lip balms -As you have mentioned that the oral steroids are working but the condition is recurring You can refer natural remedies like coconut oilsunflower seed oil,vitamin D,probiotics... To prevent the same from happening. Thank you.

Cheilitis . Herpes labialis.

Cheilitis Tab augmentin 625 1 bd Nasids sos Bcomplex n antioxidant Oint muprocin

Recurrent oral ulcers.... nutritional deficiencies, DM, ??? Sjogrens syndrome

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