skin patches all over body. Recurrent. 40 yrs female.No HTN /DM.


This is a case of Tinea Corporis. Treatment Topical application of 1) Micanazole 2) Clotrimazole 3) Ketokenazole Ketokenazole soap. Systemic antifungals like 1) Flucanazole 2) Itracanazole. Maintain personal hygiene.

R/O DM as it's recurrent R/O HTN routinely.

Tinea corporis, Tab. Terbiforce 250mg od for 3 weeks, kz cream 20 days, panderm plus powder, candid soap.Tab. levocet, personal hygiene, R/o DM, lots of fruits and balanced diet

Tinea imbricata

tinea imbricata

Fungal infection, advised systemic anti fungal .

tinea imbricata

oral griseofulvin or terbinafine along with topical antifungal and a keratolytic will help..

tinea,start antifungal and local terbinafine ointment


Yes it's tinea infection try Ayurvedic medicine on it recurrence will surely stop

tinea imbricata

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