Good Evening dear friends... Kindly diagnose the condition. Focus on Dermatological management. Please share your detailed views. Regards..



Brief history is required. History of photosensitivity. Any systemic symptoms? Appears to be a case of SCLE (Subacute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus).

Steroid modified Tinea Corporis, Tab Itraconazole 200mg OD for 3 weeks, Sertaconazole cream , bath with Ketaconazole soap, stop steroid use.

SLE. Do cbc, lft, rft, cxr, urine routine, Ana, dsdna

SLE Oral lesions, joint pain?

Need to get a complete lupus profile done along with biopsy to confirm



Good evening Dr Patel. Asp or ko virechan kijiye Next ot ko allergy hai kay and history of rihinities may be .any skin deasae is due to respiratory must treat the pt sitopaladi churna 50 gm + shatawari churna50 gm + shank churana 50 gm mix it and take 3 gm bd with honey.shishir bark 10 gm soak in 200 ml water at night and drink at morning .for 63 days local application of bhramadandi oil.Consume lots of water.ask her to do pranayma 1- kapalbhati 2- shitali 3- shitakari for 5 min each.and take bath with magnesium flakes may it will help you

Thanks dear collegues for such a nice response to this case. Definitely answer is SLE.. ANA n Anti ds DNA both r positive. She is on HCQ n maintenance steroid prednisone 10 mg right now. Symptoms have improved. But dermatological part is still not improving. Pls provide your opinions on that..

Daily application of eloe Vera gel will help improve skin .

Scle....r/o SLE.... Advise ANA, dsDNA...along with cbc, urine r/e and 24hrs urinary protein.

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