Homoeopathy Remedies for Sleep

SLEEP AND HOMEOPATHY.. 1) Aconite : Extreme restlessness with pridiction of time of death. 2) Aethusa : Drowsiness felt in child after vomiting or stool specialy during dentition period. 3) Arsenic Alb : Sleeps with hands above head. 4) Baptisia : Patient is very drowsy and keeps on talking incomplete sentences. 5) Cina : Due to any kind of fear patient can hardly sleep. Cries out when patient gets afraid . 6) Cinchona : Patient feels sleepy but is still unable to sleep. Wakes up early in morning at 3 am. 7) Chamomila : Patient is very restless, irritable willing to sleep but cannot sleep. 8) Coffea : Coffea patient is wide awake, tries to sleep but every attempt to sleep fails. Sleeplessness due to any kind 9) Lycopodium : sleepless at night due to Hunger . 10) Nux Vom : patient is very irritable and angry , sleeps in evening , wakeup early in morning around 3:00 to 4:00 am and then sleeps again. OPIUM : Patient becomes awake with slightest noise. Patient is drowsy but he cannot sleep. Rhus Tox : Patient is restless at night, with change of position. Zincum : Patient Cries out in sleeps but when asked the reason of crying he is unable to answer.




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