Infantile Insomnia Causes: Infantile insomnia may be due to different reasons like- accumulation of blood (congestion) in the head, over eating, stomach worms, horror (terrible) dreams and being obsessed, etc. We should treat the child according to its reason. Use of drugs: If the head feels hot and the baby goes on crying ceaselessly without any apparent cause and child startles out of sleep, 6 potency of Belladonna should be given. If the child always wants to be carried in the arms and starts crying after carried down, child’s body goes on twitching during sleep, it is become irritable temperament, etc., taking Chamomilla 6 is very effective. If the child is playful and jolly, but its body remains hot and it moans occasionally, 6 potency of Coffea should be given to the child. If the child wakes up suddenly with screaming due to fever, Aconite 3 should be given. If infantile insomnia is due to stomach worms, taking Cina 3x is beneficial. If the child is suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness) due to constipation, Nux-vomica 6 should be used. If the child is suffering from insomnia caused by over eating, using 6 potency of Pulsatilla is very effective.

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