• Antim Tart 3X - 2 drops, Bryonia Q - 1 drops, Phosphorus 30 - 1 drops, Arsenic Iod 3X - 2 grains, Gelsemium Q - 2 drops, Black Sulph 30-1 drops, Ocimum Sanctum Q - 5 drops, Aqua-1 Ounce - Mix them. This is a quantity. Give three doses daily. It provides relief in young mother, smallpox, measles, pneumonia, typhoid. • Black sulf 30-1 drops, Gelcium Q - 3 drops, Arsenic Iod 3X - 2 grains, Belladonna Q - 3 drops, Magnesia Phos 30-1 drops, Aqua - half ounce - mix them. This is a quantity. By giving three doses daily, small mother, smallpox, measles etc. are completely suppressed. Even if the grains are coming out, they will soon become healthy by using it. This is especially beneficial for children.

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