Smoker , ex alcoholic 45 yrs patient presented with epigastric and retro sternal burning since 5 days early in the morning 2-5 am and subsides by its own after 6 am ... he is normatensive and non diabetic pls help me in dx and mngmnt


S.rhythm Irbbb LVH T wave hv different height in lead v3 mean to say T wave looking different in each beat in same lead But at the same time T wave fatty & hyperacute in v4, v5 U wave present Check S.K 1st repeat ecg Rx Abdominal pain Risk factors r there so we can't left ACS Advice serial ecg

Pt is smoker and ex alcoholic H/o pain chest ECG is significant changes are seen NSR Sinus bradycardia Rsr complexes suggest RBBB Tall T in L2 and v3v4v5 Deep s in avrand v1 Suggest anterolateral ischimia

Bradycardia, Tall peaked T waves inAnt.Chest leads, conduction abnormality with atrial ectopics inV3. PR dipression seen. A case of Hyperkalemia.


Ecg attatched ( incomplete) Is normal. Patient is peptic ulcer case. Should take biscuits etc at bed time. Continue anti ulcer treatment.

Sinus bradycardia ( rate ~55/ min.) Incomplete RBBB T wave inverted in v1 Tall T waves in v345 However pain may be noncardiac in origin. Pt should be given analgesics,antacids & ppi either orally or parenterally. Diclofen ( analgesic) should be given as injection as orally it can cause acidity.

Chronic Gastritis. ECG-HR.60bpm. Incomplete RBBB. Basic ECG normal. Pt.required PPI with life style modifications Avoid spicy food and take supper 2To3 HR. Before going sleep.

Avoid alcohol & smoking

Sinus rhythm, incomplete RBBB, tented hyperacute t wave in precordial leads. Like in hyper kalaemic. Check serum electrolytes.

ECG wnl ,treat him symptomatically.

Bradycardia with hyperacute the wave Different T waves in V2&V3 Serum potassium levels should be done Echo will be required after repeat ecg Treat with PPI and quit smoking

It is incomplete ecg only findings bradycardia & tall t waves in v3 v4 pl repeat ecg only antacids bed rest

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