Smoking effects

Pt came with pain in upper tooth region , having social history of smoking. Chief Complaints Pain in upper left tooth region History Past medical history - operated (right eye ) Social history - chronic smoker Physical Examination On extra oral examination - cracks on the left corner of mouth Intra oral examination - heavy calculus , oral changes due smoking like white patches on labia mucosa , blackish palate , on palpatation fibrotic bands are present , limited mouth opening , attrition in teeth , root stumps wrt 26 Investigations Iopa 25 , 26 Diagnosis Root stumps 26 & periapical abcess wrt 26 , ir rev pulpitis wrt 25 , generalized periodontitis , generalized attrition , osmf , angular cheleitis Management Extraction done wrt 26 , 25 (main chief complaint) *25 having two roots that are fused Multivitamins & antioxidants are given. Pt is advised not to smoke . Pt is also advised to maintain proper oral hygiene. Pt has been called for next appoitments for the management of other oral conditions (Advised OPG also)



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