Snoring with sleeplessness

52 year male Chief Complaints C/o high snoring with sleeplessness at night since 8 months Snoring increases with use of alcohol Snoring is very loud and more towards early morning Alcoholic since 25 years Smoking -yes Diabetes- no Hypertension-no Appetite,thirst- normal Desire- sweet Aversion- no Stool- constipated Urine-normal He is mentally restless, talkative working in private MNC Fear of being alone Likes company Revengeful Introvert in the starting Suggest valuable opinions doctor



Dear Dr. Nipun Roy Sir, Advice for the case. Advice for Pratimarsha Nashya with Anu tail. Swadista Virechan Churna 1 tsp at bed time. Tab. Brahmi Vati with Gold 1 BD with milk. Tab. Nindrashanti 2 before 2 hours of sleeping.

Sleep Apnea I think shirodhara is best for this condition. And avoiding vatakar ahar vihar. Pranayama and asana like sarvangasan, halasan are good.

As such no medicines are proved as far as I know in the cases of loud snoring. But the sound can be minimized by altering the lifestyle. He has to stop alcohol completely to get rid off snoring. Secondly he should develop the habit of sleeping in head slightly raised position or side way position. If at all any nasal congestion is there then give either Sinol nasal drops or Nasarsha taila from Arya vaidya sala pharmacy. Advise sleep hygiene. Try to maintain the sleeping timings. Give Ashwagandha cap or Stresscom cap 1 tds Pancharavinda churna with Manasa mitra vati bd This will definitely help him in inducing the sleep and to reduce the sound of snoring. If the pt can afford shirodhara then go for it with either Brahmi taila or Himasagara taila

शराब पीना छोड़ दें। खर्राटें कम हो जाएंगे खर्राटों का कौई निश्चित इलाज संभव नहीं है।

Nux vomeka 30 Spongia 30

Rx spongia 30/tds for 15 days

Nux vomica 1 M monthly × 3 dose Lemma Minor 30 TDs


Opium lemna mino

Lemna minor, dulcamara

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