SOB & Persistent cough

Chief Complaint A 37 y/o male came with the complaint of shortness of breath and persistent cough * 2 months. History He is HIV +ve and is a tobacco smoker.. Over the counter cough suppressants gave some relief. But again presented with SOB, dry cough, tirdness, decreased appetite, night sweats, Investigations CD4+ T-cell count was 10 cells/mm3 (225-2,295 cells/mm3). Pulse oximetry value normal. Blood cultures were negative. A chest radiograph showed mild bilateral, centrally located interstitial infiltrates. CT-Thorax attached. Diagnosis What are findings of CT?



CT thorax suggest GGOs in basal areas bilaterally Interstitial fibrosis with infiltrates noted Cavitory lesions are seen in mid zones bilaterally Pt is immunocompromised Covid19 pneumonitis Pulmonary tuberculosis with sequele

Thanx dr Praveen Yograj

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Bilaterally centrally located Interstitial infiltrates with ground glass opacities D/D 1.Viral pneumonia- COVID-19 disease 2.Interstitial lung disease 3.Pulmonary tuberculosis

COVID 19 viral infection under the present circumstances must be ruled out and protocols must be followed before investigating for PTB.

Thanks Dr Kute Ankush

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Covid pneumonia Malignancy Pulmonary edema are DDs


Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

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GGOS, peripheral opacities, hilar shadows DD Pneumocystis juroviceii pneumonia PT COVID PNEUMONIA Sputum for AFB and CBNATT and fungus Sputum for pneumocystis , RTPCR for COVID

Reticulonodular opacity seen in the lung suggestive of pulmonary koch DD covid19 DD bronchopneumonia

Film shows ground glass opacity with b/l infiltrate See for ecg See for blood report See for abg See for esr and other blood routine See for 2decho See for covid profile to rule out covid N treat accordingly

Patchy infiltration in HIV positive patient ? Covid 19 ? Pul kochs


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