some interesting component meaning example BLAST- germ, immature cell blastoma = a cancer made of immature cells CARCIN- cancer carcinogenic = cancer causing CARDIO- heart cardiotoxicity = toxicity to the heart CYTO- cell cytotoxic = toxic to the cell DERMA- skin dermatitis = inflammation of the skin HISTIO- tissue histology = study of tissue HEPATI- liver hepatoblastoma = liver cancer MALIGN- bad / harmful malignant = growing, spreading NEPHRO- kidney nephrotoxic = harmful to the kidneys NEURO- nerves neurob1ast = an immature nerve cell ONCO- mass / tumour oncology = the study of cancer OSTEO- bone / bony tissue osteosarcoma = bone cancer PAED- child paediatric oncology = study of childhood cancer SARCO- tissue sarcoma = tumour of bone, muscle, or connective tissue TOXO- poison toxicology = study of poisons component meaning example -AEMIA condition of blood leukaemia = cancer of blood cells -ECTOMY excision / removal nephrectomy = excision of a kidney -ITIS inflammation hepatitis = inflammation of the liver -OLOGY study / science of cytology = the study of cells -OMA tumour retinoblastoma = tumour of the eye -PATHY disease neuropathy = disease of the nervous system -OSIS disease /condition necrosis = dying cells.... component meaning example AN-, A- without / lack of anaemia = lack of red blood cells AB- away from abnormal = away from the normal AD- near / toward adrenal gland = gland near to the kidney BI- two / both bilateral Wilm's = tumour in both kidneys DYS- difficult / painful dysfunction = not working properly ECTO- outside ectopic pregnancy = outside the uterine cavity ENDO- inside endoscope = an instrument to look inside the body cavities or organs EPI- upon epidermis = the outer layer of skin HYPER- excessive / above hyperglycaemia = excessive blood sugar levels HYPO- beneath / below hypodermic = injection below the skin INTER- between intercostal = between the ribs INTRA- within / Inside intravenous = into a vein PARA- beside, about, near parathyroid = beside the thyroid gland PERI- around pericardium = membrane around the heart PRE- before prenatal = before birth POST- after post surgical stage = stage after surgery SUB- under / below submucosa = tissue below mucus membrane SYN- together with syndrome = group of symptoms occurring together HOPE THIS IS USEFUL TO ALL SEEKING BLESSINGS !!



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