About gastroenterologist.. very difficult case to diagnos

Sometimes hard Stool 2-3 times,sometimes very soft stool 2-3times.. Abdominal pain.. Bulky and frothy stool.. This complain since 1-2 years.. Heavy petspiration after eating.. Rudece fat bt weight not refuced.. All blood reports normal.. Colonscopy shows payers patches and terminal ilium nodularity ? Non specific.. What is diagnosis in this?



chrons disease . steroids orally . vit b 12 vit a zinc probiotics . lactaze enzyme tablets like tab yamoo useful too . will need iron supplementation . plus treatment of associated depression at times .

Hb is normal.. Cbs is normal.. Orally intake is very good.. Only very soft stool per day and mild abdominal main all over day.. Biopsy shows mild chronic ilietis and payers patches and terminal illium nodularity? non specific

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Eosinophilic ilitis

What is treatnent of it?

What is esr , platelets count, b iopsy report ?

Esr is normal. Platelets are also normal.. Bipsy shows payers patches and terminal illiam nodularity? Non specific

Chrons disease dd:coeliac disease.

Rx Grahnikpat rasa*2bd

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