space in the upper front tooth region

a 11 year old patient having space in the upper front tooth and and lower tooth is having discoloration. what is the diagnosis and treatment?

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Laterals are missing Also lower central's doesn't seem to be erupted An opg is required to assess the case. Space in the upper quadrant is due to missing lateral.

Upper is ugly duckling stage it is a physiological one no need to treat it..lower incisors look like retained deciduous teeth

Age is 7 - 8 yrs for ugly duckling stage

Lower primary incisors are over retained and NV.Permanent incisors are probably absent due to Anodonitia, which is not uncommon. The diastema between upper incisors can be considered physiological as both adjacent laterals are yet to erupt. Do not be in hurry to close space Have periapical x rays of the both ant. arch. .

Lowers are retained teeth, extract them and take an iopa to check the presence of permanent teeth beneath them. Regarding upper arch this could be ugly duckling stage seen during upper permanent canine eruption. Please dont attempt any treatment before eruption of all permanent teeth except for third molars. Thanks

I think late canine eruption so extension of second transitional stage ,opg must to see condition of canine and lateral incisor

Composite build-up ....filled space by composite...

Wait approx two years and then give the orthodontics treatment and for lower teeth take an opg after think...

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