16 year female unable to move neck since 1 year H/o fever 10 dayz Swelling around neck MRI neck report below plz give diagnosis n management of this case sir???

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? Cold Abcess rull out Kochs ? Infected Granuloma Adv: FNAC or BIOPSY

Agreed with Dr.Mrinal K Pal.

Report seem to be case of cold abscess at the label of C4 Decompression with bone grafting.

Report Suggestive of cold abscess at the label of C4 ADV BLOOD EXAMINATION FNAC

FNAC Or Biopsy With Be Needful

Jivan according to history and mri report , we can say its cold abscess due tuberculosis...we need to know p/h/o TB , close contact... further investigation like ESR, CRP, MONTAUX TEST.

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