A splint is as Defined as a Rigid or flexible Device that maintains in position a displaced or movable part , Also used to keep in place and protect on injured part, or as ,a Rigid or flexible material used to protect, immobilize , or restrict motion in a part . splits can be used for injuries that are not severe enough to Immobilize the entire injured structure of the body for instance . A splint can be used for certain Fractures ,soft tissue sprains , tendon injuries , or waiting static ,not allowing motion , or dynamic , allowing controlled motion. Splints can also be used to relieve pain in Damaged Joints . Splints are quick and easy to apply and do not require a plastering technique . Splints are often made out of some kind of flexible material and a Firm pole - like structure for Stability. They often buckle or Velcro together . Ankle stirrup used for the ankle. *Posteriorly Lower leg . *Posterior full leg . *Posterior elbow



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