spot diagnose. 3 year old child having this problem by birth .time of birth child no more and now iris move fully medialy. is it any disease or normal.



Right Esotropia, get the Refraction done after 3 days application of Atropine eye drops/ointment tds, see change in squint with glasses and +3.00 near addition over distant power, if it is accomodative esotropia squint will improve and disappear then treatment will be glasses only, bifocals may be required here, check vision in both eyes if ambloypia is present use occlusion or penalization to improve vision with glasses. Non accomodative esotropia or non accomodative portion of mixed exotropia will need surgical correction after ambloypia is treated. look for AV pattern incorporate it's correction also in your surgical plan. Use bar reading with glasses for maintaining good vision in both the eyes

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Rt convergent squint do refraction with atropine eye oint twice daily for three days and use corrective glassese wait for two months with constant use of glasses if squint corrects alright otherwise contnuue glasses and do surgical correction bilateral medial rectus recession for non accomodative essotropiap

Squint strabismus ( convergent ) Treatment glasses or surgical

Rt Esotropia. Refraction and muscle paralysis to be checked. Corrective measures to be done

Squint Rt eye Surgical interferanc

By birth or unnatural squint surgery 18 plus best for eyes

Rt. Esotropia.

I agree with Dr. Basant Verma sir

Right Esotropia.......Agree to Dr B Verma

Rt esotropia . Dr. Basant Verma has well elaborated .

I agree with Dr B Verma

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