SPOT DIAGNOSIS 33/F having paroxysmal cough with mild breathlessness for last 5 years.. Came with this X-ray.. Spirometry pre and post bronchodialator uploaded.. Diagnosis.. D/D



The lesion was not in the lungs but diagnosed as calcified lesion in the breast.. Ct scan proved this..plates are attached.. The lesson we learnt that in female patient we must always exclude breasts as a site of lesion visible in x-ray. I hope this case will be HELPFUL to you..

and spirometry?

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xray is showing calcified opacities in lt mid and lower zone..dd healed tuberculosis..hamartoma..healed hydatid cyst..spirometey is essentially evidence of upper airway obstruction too..empeys index within normal limits...should look for underlying cardiac disease..gerd..drug induced cough

Calcified nodule left middle lobe with miliary pulmonary koch's, advised AKT. Advised cardiac profile.

Very very helpful as the bigger calcified nodule is high enough not to be thought as breast calcification!!!! Thank you for sharing n making us more knowledgeable!!!!

Cxr - popcorn callcification left middle and lower zone. ?pulmonary hamartoma ? pleural calcification (Any other xray of the patient??). Spirometry shows hyperdynamic airway with small airway obstruction, significantly reversible.(fv loop might give an idea regarding patient's performance during spirometry)

Calcified nodular opacities left mid and lower zone

u shown us to see m/f from x-ray and not the x-ray of lung

Report of the radiologist attached


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