Spot diagnosis ,D/D and management of the case. A male aged 65 years having cough, chest pain right side, fever and Dyspnoea since 2 months


Right free pleural effusion and right oblique fissure effusion.

Rt.side pleural effusion. D/D pyothorax, TB, Malignancy

Tracheal deviation to left and cp angle blunting r... Obvious right sided pleural effusion needs pleural fluid analysis including for malignant cell and tuberculosis

R pleural effusion. Pleural fluid analysis for TB&MALIGNANCY. CT thorax if any doubt.

Rt sided pleural effusion

Right sided pleural effusion. Pleural fluid analysis to be done to rule out malignancy or TB. If needed ,plan for CT thorax


Pleural effusion

CBC esr R/O rt. Lower lobe pneumonitis

?tumour ?? Pleural effusion Rt side

Pl share follow up of dis pt

Right pleural effusion

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