spot diagnosis of the below condition.13 yrs girl.



Provide a proper history and examination .it has large no of causes .other gingival enlargements resemble this type of enlargement .so xamination and history is necessary

Take the proper medical dental and drug history of the pt...lS pt epileptic...if on medication then replace with another drug...go for deep scaling and root planning to reduce the inflammatory component wait for four weeks.. remaining fibrotic component should be excised surgically and follow up is required

Gingival enlargement. There are many causes of it. Can u provide some details? Like is the pt. On any medications? Any disease to the pt.? Treatment is gingivectomy or gingivoplasty.


Kindly Can you provide more information CC HxCC MHx??? Systemic disease Medication ???? X ray film

Ma'am enlargement is diffuse involving attached gingiva also is a hypertrophy with many systemic cause association ...Any associated medical history ?

Gingival hypertrophy. Drug induced?

Thank you for your prompt reply

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Please describe the case in detail...ask the patient regarding the duration of the swelling...take the drug history.... This case is of gingival enlargement but we can come to a proper diagnosis only after the proper history is given.... Proceed with scaling and then remove the other cause of the enlargment (if any) and then go for gingivectomy...

Osteomalacia can have gingival hypertrophied and unhealthy teeth , it's a systemic disease

Seems like drug induced gum hypertrophy

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