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Absent Dcutus Venosus

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Absent Ductus Venosus - It is mostly associated with multiple structural, chromosomal, cardiac abnormalities partial or complete absence of portal venous system, hydrops and fetal death. In the absence of ductus venosus the umbilical vein may drain normally into the liver (intrahepatic shunt) or may drain in an aberrant location into the systemic circulation (e.g., iliac vein, inferior vena cava, right heart and coronary sinus) creating an extrahepatic shunt. In all the cases of absent ductus venosus, the prognosis depends on the presence or absence of associated abnormalities. In cases of extrahepatic aberrant drainage of the umbilical vein, the prognosis depends upon the presence or absence of portal venous system, abnormal shunt site and shunt diameter. In general, intrahepatic variant has a much better prognosis in the absence of other abnormalities.

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Absent Dcutus Venosus


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Ductus venosus absent , regurgitant flow

Absent ductus venosus.

Absent Ductus Venosus

Absent ductus venosus

Congenital venous abnormality Defect in complete filling of vein

Agensis of ductous venosus

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