spoter ? pt. have also complaints leak of urine while coughing, standing, seating dx ?



D.D 1.Pilonidal sinus.2.High ano -rectal fistula. 3 Stress incontinence with a vesico perineal fistula

stress incontinence with fistula needs fistulogram to rule out connections.needs surgery after fistulogram . stress incontinence can be managed conservatively or surgical repair of sphincter is necessary

pt has a fistula , carry out special x-ray with dye repair fistula. stress incontinence. adv pelvic floor exercise.urethral sling operation if persists. very persistent condition.

Pilonidal sinus with pressure sore. Is the pt. bed-bound, paraplegic?

vescico perineal fistula

Ano rectal fistula Kshara Sutra must be lighted

hello DR's here is one old pic of this pt. this lesion is cured with antibiotics, 2 months befor

what was yr dx

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शल्य चिकित्सक से परामर्श करें।

fistula .do fistulogram and surgery required.

bed sore with neurogenic bladder needs complete history with investigation especially fistulogram and blood sugar

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