Spotter=45/male, c/o pain and stiffness lower back since long, neglecting, not classical morning stiffness, no breathing difficulties, no ski lesion, but dandruff occasional, no urinary symptoms, buttock pain, no heel pain, no breathing difficulty, reduced chest expansion than normal. Although came to emergency after aggravation of just after fall in bathroom. No dnvd.



Spondyloarthritides are a group of arthritic diseases pt may have Ankylosing spondylitis Psoriatic arthritis Reactive arthritis Reiter's syndrome Enteropathic arthritis or not define Al these. About 90% of people with AS have the HLA B27 gene Treatment Goals of treatment are to reduce pain and stiffness, slow progression of disease, prevent deformity, maintain posture and preserve function. Exercise therapy at first daily exercises for stretching and strengthening, deep breathing exercises and posture exercises to avoid stooping and slumping. sulfasalazine or methotrexate, may be used. the biologic anti-TNF-a agents etanercept adalimumab and infliximab have been approved for use in AS...@Dr. Janki Sharan Bhadani

Thank you Dr Vinit

Radiographic Spondyloarthropathy. Most likely AS. Need to rule out psoriasis

Agreed. How to proceed

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Haldi mix milk with Abha ras+Godanti bsm+Trikuta churan combination. Mahavishgarbh oil+ Persarni oil on the effective surface. Yoga expert can help to boost med.effect fastely.@Dr. Janki Sharan Bhadani ji.

ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis.

After fall they usually have microfractures of the appendages, which are difficult to be demonstrated on xrays, they need rest for few days.


Initial stage of ankylosing spondilytis

Yeah ofcourse ask the patient to get HLA b27

Spondyloarthopathy. Check for HLA-B27, NSAIDS is helpful. Tens is useful.

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