Spotter A male 60 yrs old.. With a lump on right lateral aspect of knee since last 6 month stable no any growth since last 3 months.. No any Comorbidity at all... RA is negative Uric acid 4.1 Non tender Firm non fluctulant.. Freely movable... Advised FNAC and Orthopedic opinion.. Please Dd dx rx...?? Thanks...



Looks like a lipoma. Though the site is rare.

A fibroma. Advised excision and biopsy

Neurofibroma/fibroma/neurodermatitis/fibrolipoma,advised excisional biopsy


Fibroma? Kindly get radiological investigations. Can be planned for excisional biopsy after that.

Cyst dd bursitis dd tendonor muscle rupture dd tubeculous usg fnac HP

Pls get a cemri knee done...

sebaciois cyst or bursal cyst. fnac is must before excissoon.

Fibroma adviced excisional biopsy.

Must b lipoma go for USG locl site or MRI

MRI of the knee.....lesions like menisceal cyst need to be ruled out

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