Introduction:- Food and water go into the stomach through a tube located from the throat to the stomach. It is called ‘Gullet’ or ‘Esophagus’ in English. When this tube gets swelling, swallowing food becomes difficult and burning sensation starts to take place in it. It is a type of chronic disease. From the food pipe to the anus of the patient, suffering from this disease, feels burning sensation, pain takes place in the cavities of the tongue and the throat, and wounds appear on the tongue and in the gums, the liver starts on malfunctioning. This disease mostly occurs in the male compared to the female. Watery yellow or frothy loose motions come again and again about 3 p.m. that gives sour smell, wounds appear on the tongue and gums of the patient or indigestion also occurs. The liver is decreased its shape slowly. The tongue becomes red with pain, it is not able to identify different tastes or smelling ability is also gone away, the patient starts suffering from profuse sweating and he becomes lethargy. Sometimes, this disease goes on continuing for several years.    Treatment of this disease with different drugs:- 1. Phosphorus- If the patient feels burning sensation with pain in his esophagus and swallowing of food has also become difficult, Phosphorus 30 can be used. 2. Merc-cor- If the patient feels difficulty in swallowing food with burning sensation in esophagus and there is no any particular affects falling on symptoms in cold and hot weather, but burning sensation takes place in the hot weather, etc., to end such symptoms of the patient, using Merc-cor 6 is beneficial. 3. Naja-  Using Naja 6 or 30 is very effective to cure the patient having dryness in his throat. This drug is prepared with cobra poison. Snake poison effects much on the throat and this disease is cured soon by this drug. 4. Ignatia- With the feeling of burning sensation in the esophagus, when food goes into the stomach, it obstructs in cardiac end. If such symptoms are found in the patient, to cure him, taking Ignatia 200 is very useful. 5. Siquita-  If the patient has been feeling suffocation due to burning sensation in the esophagus and feels as if the throat has closed completely or has obstructed; when such symptoms present in the patient, food does not pass into the stomach through food pipe, it is stopped at the entrance of the stomach, etc. then to cure such patient, taking Siquita 30 is very useful. 6. Veretrum-vir-   The patient feels burning sensation in his food pipe and food does not pass from the throat. Thus, to cure such patient, taking Veretrum-vir 6 is very useful. 7. Jelsimium-  Burning sensation takes place in the throat and the sufferer faces difficulty in swallowing hot food, feels as if a lump has kept in the throat that is not able to swallowed by him, pain takes place from throat to the ear while swallowing food. Thus, using Jelsiumium 30 is appropriate to end such symptoms of the patient. Other treatment in the condition of this disease:- Drugs like- Ars, Borax, Phosphorus or Sulphur, etc. should be used to cure this disease. In the initial stage of this disease, he should not be allowed to stand up from bed with giving treatment. His stomach should be kept cover. In the condition of wounds in the mouth, gargle with water after dissolving the powder of alum or Boric acid in it. Only milk should be given to the patient. If he does not like it, juice of raw meat can be used.


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