Stabbing chest pain

44 years old with on off stabbing chest pain since 2 months. H/o chest pain- occasional pain, it lasts a few seconds time and with no particular precipitating factors. Usually pain present on the left side of the chest although the position had varied. H/o upper respiratory tract infection 2 weeks ago which lasted 4 days This consisted of a sore throat, blocked nose, sneezing and a cough.



May be a case of Angina pectoris?? Refer the patient to Cardiologist for further management.

In my humble opinion, refer the patient to cardiologist for his opinion.

Thank you @Dr. Rajendra Chauhan

Ask to pt to consult with cardiologist....

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Dx Ventricular Fibrillation. Rx Cal ars.

Hyperkalemia Ventricular fibrillation

It's Ventricular fibrillation

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