standard Treatment of bovine pneumonia

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Depends on etiology Antibiotics, flunixine, steroids, antihistamines, bronchodilator, steam inhalation, parental fluids can be incorporated as required

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usually treatment of pnuemonia depends on etiological agent n pneumonia is because of infectious agent, if causal agent is bacterial antibiotics more spesiphycaly sulphonamide n expectorants n anti histamines are helpful, viral cause usually it will not responds to treatment n if it is because of parasites deworming n antibiotic treatment is essential n for chemical agents expectorants antibiotic anti histamines will help in general treatment for pnuemonia is expectorants , anti biotics, antihistamines n antibiotics are generally used n response is good if early diagnosed n treated n differential diagnosis for pulmonary emphysema (heaves disease) is also important .

Pasturella Multocida is normaly harbaring in Respiratory tract in Bovine,In adverse situation like change in weather Bacteria play advers role and causes pnemonic changes, Other Etiology virus pathogenic Bacteria Fungal chamical inhealation toxic gases inhalation etc ,Basic treatment is depending upon etiology ,in Bovine H,S, vaccination must be fallowed every year, Symptomatic treat like Branco Dilator cough mixture AntiHistaminic If need carticosteriods, Strem inhalation lint,Turpentine massage on chest, Protact from hot and cold.Dust wind if in your area, Lastly Dr, Who is treating the animal is the best Judge to deal the Situation as per knowledge and efforts, Thanks Dr,

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as per situation and animal condition

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