stool wet mount and zn stain. interpret and comment



IMAGE 1. Z.N smear of stool shows one Öocyst of Isospora belli ( acid fast ), in the background of many non-acidfast bacilli, some of them are filamentous, few non-acidfast cocci and one budding yeast cell....... 2 ) . Wet mount preparation of stool showing  Isospora belli. Öocysts are elongated ellipsoidal in shape, one sporoblast (Image 1, 2,3 &4) or two sporocysts (Image 3, near centre, 12 & 9 O'clock position) appear inside. Oocyst wall is thin and colorless....... Age of the patient, immune status etc etc should be considered.......Anti HIV 1 & 2 antibody and causes of other immunosuppressive states should be considered....... whether the patient is presenting with Chronic diarrhoea, is important....... IMPRESSION :- ISOSPORIASIS. ** ISOSPORIASIS, also known as CYSTOISOSPORIASIS, is a human intestinal disease caused by the parasite Isospora belli It is found worldwide.......

Oocysts of isospora belli , yeast like budding cells are also seen ....Is the sample of some immunocompromised pt?

Cryptosporidium oocysts


Fertilized and unfertilized egg of ascaris

Oocysts of Cystoisospora belli

pinworm and bacilli

Isospora belli oocyst forms.

yes it is oocyst of isospora belli. the patient is hiv positive but not on art

oocyst of isospora belli


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