sub cutaneous edema after 1month dressing further management plz Rx



Dear Nikhil I needs debridement followed by resurfacing by skin geaft,but for that it needs expert mx by a plastic surgeon ,so refer the patient for further mx

After VAC therapy

Before VAC therapy

Wound debridement followed by VAC (negative pressure wound therapy )application & skin graft

Do saline dressing. Some death skin remaining should be excised and sent wound swab for culture and treat according To sensitivity. And plan for SSG.

Before going for skin grafting. Antibiotics orally and topically. Soluzyme tds+ multivitamins. Sofra tullu or Vaseline gauge covering. Surgical intervention and evaluation.

Thanks Dr Rajpurohit.

remove hyper granulation tissue . give vitamin c in diet

Apply silverpure nanogel with Antibiotics and pain killars finally plan for skin grafting after good granulation.

Plan for skin grafting with Experts opinion

Thanks Dr Rahul

Apply silverpure nanogel with provimax Tab augmentin cv Tab chymoral forte

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