sudden onset of breathlessness with spo2 falling on presentation history of tb diagnosed 4 days back started att comment on x-ray

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Hydro pneumothorax with pleural tag right.


Pneumothirax Rt.side. ICD advised.

Thanks sir

Hydro pneumothorax with pleural tag right.

It's a case of pneumothorax.

Right sided pneumothorax and left sided pleural effusion pneumonia

Encystedpneumothorax- rt. Side.Patchy consolidation lt.middle and lower zones.

Hydropnemothrax Rt. with Lt.mid lower zone kochs consolidation.

RT. side loculated tension pneumothorax, put ICD and high flow O2.

Pneumothorax rt side ICD required

Pneumothorax rt and collapse of lt lung

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