Sudden onset of left sided swelling of face within 2 to 3 hours after eating sour tasted sambar. Mild pain mild tender. No fever. No difficulty in chewing food. What should be the treatment?



I Strongly disagree with my colleagues diagnosis of Non infective Parotitis. There is no diagnosis as such kindly refer literature. If you mean not due to Infection either bacterial or viral, then the implications are grave long standing diseases which requires extensive investigation & management like- - Lymphomas - Sarcoidosis - Sjogren's syndrome - Mickuliz - Chronic punctate Parotitis And by no means curable with warm compresses & oral hygiene. It's acceptable to take as Viral- Mumps isolate with supportive care for 3days but if progressing or Pus discharge better start antibiotics & treat as bacterial infection which is commoner in this era of vaccination. Only condition which requires no treatment is a Alcoholic parotid swelling, but presents as chronic gradual swelling which is B/Lnot few days.@Dr. Siddharth Panditray @Dr. Kute Ankush @Dr. Alpita Chhajer

Sir,Non infective parotitis is a valid diagnosis ,loosely used in clinical settings where there are no clear cut signs of viral or bacterial infection of the parotids. It's a term mentioned in standard textbooks as Cummins , heading the very differential diagnoses that you provided, most of which are chronic. The history provided in the case was not clear as to recurrent nature of the swelling or just this one time. So it's only logical , without fever, without bilateral swelling or prodromal symptoms to consider it an obstructive eitiology , pending investigations, which still falls in the non infective paradigm, PROVISIONALLY. As in developed countries, unless otherwise proved to be infective , the patient must be observed and treated conservatively with anti-inflammatory agents and hot fomentation( optional to relax the overlying muscle ).

Non infective parotitis. should be self limiting. examine for a swollen , tortuous intraoral portion of the duct and dental status. Just massage the parotid area with anti-inflammatory drugs. Hot compression is also advisable.

You mean parotid duct

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Acute Parotitis (Lt)- Bacterial ?- Mumps Inv- Clinical evaluation for Pus from parotid duct opening. USG Parotid & neck Blood routine Treatment- - T.Clindamycin 500mg BD - T. Paracetamol SOS - Oral hygiene - Lozenges & sialagogues. Review after 7days

The investigation & management like following conditions 1.Lympomas. 2.sacoidosis. 3SJogren 's syndrome. 4.Mickuliz. 5.Chronic punctate Parotitis.

Non infective parotitis Usually self limiting, rarely needs T/T Treat with anti-inflammatory drugs Hot compression is useful

Sir have you checked his intraoral status?..this extra oral swelling can also be due to any Dental pathology. Its better to advise him to get an OPG done to know the exact reason.

Swelling in parotid region do usg or cbct for diagnosis may be calculus


It's acute parotitis ....go for an ultra sound scan of the parotid gland ....check CBC ...keep a follow up

Any previous history of the same symptom..?? And whether it subsides after 3-4 hr or not...?Kindly do usg of parotid before and after Tab vit c ..,it could be duct stone or stenosis..because it is associated with meal

No previous history

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