Suggest Emollient/Moisturizers in case of Dermatitis For adults ? For infants/children?


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Emollients 1.For hard keratotic eczematous skin- use white petrolatum jelly/vaseline 2.For mild eczematous skin- Oilatum lotion As far as moisturiser over face 1. Cetaphil(best) 2. If moisturiser+sunscreen- Episoft AC For babies I generally advise 3-4 drops of Oilatum lotion in 5litres of lukewarm water and bath. Later pat dry. Especially babies of atopic dermatitis

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RATIONALE FOR PRESCRIBING EMOLLIENTS • Emollients should be prescribed for the management of diagnosed dermatological conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. • Patients who do not have a diagnosed dermatological condition or risk to skin integrity (maintenance) should no longer receive NHS prescriptions and be advised to purchase emollients over the counter. • Bath oils /shower products should not be prescribed (refer to section on bath and shower products) (Rare exception for complicated patients under the dermatologist) • Switching to first line emollients should be considered when reviewing patients’ therapy if they are in agreement to a trial of a drug with a lower acquisition cost. • For patients who have been reviewed by secondary care and require an emollient not listed in this guideline, written rationale should be provided including why other first line products are unsuitable, and the request respected. • All patients and their families should be warned regarding the risk of fire when using large quantities of any paraffin-based emollients e.g. application of 100g or more at once or over a short period of time. • Patients should be counselled to keep away from open or gas fire or hobs and naked flames, including candles and avoid smoking when using paraffin containing preparations. • Patients on medical oxygen who require an emollient should not use any paraffin based products. • Patients should be counselled to wash bedding/clothing regularly at 60 degrees, to minimise the build-up of impregnated paraffin which can be a fire hazard. COUNSELLING POINTS FOR PATIENTS/ CARERS: • If a topical corticosteroid is required, emollients should be applied at least 15-30 minutes before or after the topical corticosteroid. • Emollients should be ideally applied as frequently as possible at least three times daily and ideally four to six times a day (every three hours) and use continued even when skin condition has improved. • Wash & dry hands before applying emollients to reduce the risk of introducing germs to the skin. • If using a tub, remove the required amount of emollient from the tub onto a clean plate/bowl using a spatula/teaspoon to prevent introduction of germs to the container. • Emollients should be applied gently in the direction of hair growth so that a visible sheen remains. • Apply emollients after bathing while water is still trapped in the skin to increase skin hydration. • Any emollient (except white soft paraffin alone) can be used as a soap substitute, as normal soap tends to dry the skin. You should aim for at least 2 applications a day. Face: aim for around 1-2g of an emollient cream a day, that's roughly 2-4 fingertip units - or 7ml of lotion.

Sir, Please suggest some specific one. I am confused by plethora of products available in market

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Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain


Moisturiser can be used in adult and children in case of dermatitis.useful for hyperkeratotic skin.

Paraffin safe emollient moisturizer indermatitis adults infant & child

Cetraben lyka oint

Richmoist or physiogel lotion for dry skin in any age group

Yes useful and can be use in all age groups

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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Well explained all of seniors Doctors

You can use for all age group

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