Suggest investigations and treatment: What is the dx and rx?

History 11 year male child presented with these lesions over face both UL and foot since 2 months . He complains of occasional itching and said his mother is SLE patient.



Butterfly Rashes Typical Case of SLE Diagnostic test CBC ESR CRP Anti- nuclear antibody Anti-phosp antibody KFT LFT ? Rx Tacrolimus 1% local application OR Prednisolone IM 20mg/day (induction dose for 2 weeks ) Maintainace dose < 7.5mg/day prednisolone + HCQ 200mg OD

Tinea infection? SLE? Management.. Topics steroids used.. Moisture lotion use.. Luliconazole lotion use.. Mupricion ointment for use at bed time.. Autoimmune disorder medication... Uses.. Keep the skin area sterile gauges.. Coconut oil use.. Tree tea oils.. Tab multivitamin antioxidants trace elements omaga 3 grapes extract green tea extract gingo tree extract.. capsule Synory od pc..


ANA & Skin biopsy May be autoimmune disease? To consult Immunologist or Rheumatologist for final diagnosis & tt.

Diagnosis: SCLE(Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus) variant annular

Tinea infection d/d SLE

Chelidonium Q and Ars album can cure it

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