Supra clavicular lymphadenopathy

17F with C/O Pain around right side of neck and right supra clavicular swelling since a week. No H/O fever/weight loss/anorexia. How to investigate and manage further?



Advise-cbc. Cbnatt. Xray chest pa view. Sputam for AFB. MT test. Usg whole abdomen and chest to evaluate medistinal and abdominal lymphadenopathy. Excisional biopsy of lymphnode. D/d-1-extrapulmonary tuberculosis.2-hodgkins lymmphoma. Non specific reactive adenopathy(idipathic) Rpt fnac.reports available then start tt.

Excision biopsy will confirm the lesion yes it looks to be caseating necrosis in central part of lymphnode Tubercular adenitis

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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R/o tuberculosis Ad CBNAAT Sputum exam MT test ESR After results of reports start treatment

Wait and watch . Recheck HPE and send the blocks for IHC.

Reactive nodal cytomorphology may be seen in TBC pathology..also. Sug. Clinico imaging correlation Cbnaat from fna. Ex bx

Rt supraclavicular LN R/O TB Lymphadenitis Cap Biodoxi 100mg bd×2weeks Tab Hifenac D bd×7days

Rule out tuberculosis After going all investigation if nothing comes out go for excision rule tuberculosis or any other cause.

Reactive lymphedenitis Rull out Kochs by doing CBNAAT from FNA Course of good antibiotics

Excisional. Biopsyvwill be confirmative Tubercular adinitis.

Find out local infective site. As per histo pathology report

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