Suspecting Fracture?

29 year old male construction technician had crushed injury list night while repairing Machine. Last night visited local physician and took TT Shot, Analgesics and Antibiotics But now the Manager send this case to me for 2nd Opinion. I am suspecting fracture of phalanges Advised for X Ray. Nail is damaged, Circulation is ok, no sign of necrosis. Please share your valuable opinion on this case....



Use of puraan ghruta does magic in wounds that are deep and involve musculo-skeletal tissue. If you get it then use it internally in small quantity (as it is katu rasatmak). panchatikta ghruta guggul is also a good option. it will not only help in controlling infection but also help in healing of tissues. now, to compensate for the blood loss, tapyadi loha(roupya yukta) and dashamoolarishta are excellent. Laghu santarpan is a must. Avoid potatoes, curd, brinjal. Even if plastered, regular dhupan of wound (as told in sushruta samhita) will do wonders.

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No much swelling or inflammation so it doesn't looks like fracture but still chances of hair line fracture Tab Dianapar SP BD Tab Mox Clav 650 bd Becosule Z 1 hs Plenty of water n juices specially citrus fruits Avoid milk,curd,butter milk & pickles. Hot water application with absone salt

Rx Nail should be removed on middle finger. Total 3fingers involved index and ringfingers too along with middle finger. Freactures may be there but hairline. Tab Triphala guggulu Tab Lakshaguggulu Tab Asthiposhak JatyadighritaE/A Panchavalkala kwatha wash daily.

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Hypericum 200 single dose will reduce the pain due to crushed nerves. If hairline crack is present, immobilisation is necessary. Symphytom 30 will promote bone reunion.

First Of All XRay is Needed To Confirmation Of Fracture is Present Or Not.After That Daily Prakshalan With Daily Dressing with Jatyadi Ghritam is helpful.

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Wait for X-ray reports to come , till then triphala kwath prakshalan and dressing w/ Vran ropak tail.

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Hypericum is the best remedy for crushed injuries. Cover the area with wet cloth or bandage

Given local anesthesia and remove nail if nail damage that is best treatment

Jathiyadi thailam bandeg Panjavalkala cap Asanadi kasayam

Please refer to surgeon for doing the needful

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