60 female under went tkr 3 years back Xray been tagged Priour test to confirm infected tkr for this tagged case ....?? Chief Complaints Now the patient complaining severe pain and difficulty in walking in left knee History Was operated bilateral tkr 3 years back Vitals Stable Physical Examination On examination local warmth present Range of moments just jog of movements present Investigations Xray tagged shows loosening Esr 21 Crp 48.7 Synovial fluid analysis cell count 400 cells / cu mm Cell type 40% lymphocytes and 60 % neutrophils Protein 3.90 g / dl Sugar 98.0 mg/dl Diagnosis Infected tkr left side Management Needs any another specific diagnosis to rule out infection. Like Interleukin 6 or Pro calcitonin ???



Medial side of tibia bony support missing Need revision Plan after eradicating infection

what investigation is required to evaluate infection?