Swelling in breast

57 years old women has come with complain of swelling in b/l breast since 2 years. On inquiry- swelling keeps increasing each day. it is non tender with no visible abnormality Her Mammography screening done 2 years ago revealed architectural distortion in the upper outer quadrant of her left breast. She has been advised for radiation therapy for 6 months, but then she developed excessive cough and mild shortness of breath. Now she has come for second opinion, can we do anything in such case?


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Architectural distortion may be present in sclerosing adenosis which is benign and quite rare. Here, Brest is adhisthana of stanya ( upadhatu of rasa) so it is related with rasa and kaph both. Most probable accumulation of kaph in breast may lead to swelling on breast. We can try doshaghna lepa or dashang lepa for local application. Use dashmool kwath parishek for prakshalana of dried lepa. Internaly dashmool haritaki avaleha (kans haritaki) is one of the best drug for swelling and also used as rasayana.


She has to be under strict supervision...of a specialist,, veggies of brassica family and lime juice help... but can't be completely relied on

Further investigations needed to confirm the dx .. Thn go for further line of treatment....

Punernema do rasna di batti do

Refer to snr co consultant

Go For Mammography And FNAC

Repeat mammography and FNAC

Ars.alb30/tds for 15 days

Rx Broynia 30bd/3dsys

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